Boy Scout Troop 262

Over 100 years of Scouting in America, and over 50 of Scouting in Gonzales, TX

The Live Oak Challenge is an annual camporee with all the units in our district. This years theme was Pioneering.

The Aggie Patrol - Over all winners of the pioneering event and dutch oven 'non-cobbler' cook-off.

Challenge Accepted Patrol took 2nd place over all

Before we knew what we won, we took pictures as a troop.

Pictures of Challenge Accepted with their ribbon

"That Patrol" took 3rd place in the cook-off. YUMMY cherry brownies.

Aggie Patrol with the Golden Toliet Seat (best latrine), Dutch Oven Cook-off, Best Over All

The entire troop with all our winnings to include best camp, a proud tradition of Troop 262. We keep a clean, and well set up campsite.

Scouts working with Webelos. Pack 261 did a great job helping out.

Challenge Accepted got their tower upright.

The "Golden Latrine". This baby was sturdy enough to hold a small elephant. Note the reading material was available. :)

Aggie Patrol and their signaling tower upright and coming together.

That Patrol hard at work on their kitchen.

Challenge Accepted working on their kitchen.





This is what the adults should be doing on a campout. Sitting around the campfire letting the boys be boys. Mr. Nesser is the best at that. :)

Webelos practicing building their chariot for the big race.

Getting supper ready.

Nothing like a campfire to end the day. This one was just started. We'll sing songs and give skits for entertainment, lots of laughs and fun.

Yes, Scouts know how to build a campfire. :) This one burned for our entire show and gave off great light. No marshmellows, but lots of fellowship.