Boy Scout Troop 262

Over 100 years of Scouting in America, and over 55 years of Scouting in Gonzales, TX

Who Are We In Troop 262?

We were chartered in 1958 to St. James Catholic Church and in 1960 our charter was moved to the Knights of Columbus of St. James Catholic Church.

As far as we can tell Mr. Bernard Hajovsky was the first Scoutmaster. Mr. Billy Mikesh, Mr. Jerry Floyd, Mr. John Klapuch, Mr Reessie Breitschopf, Mr. Dennis Nesser and currently Mr Dominic Vega have all taken the guiding role of Scoutmaster over the 55+ year history of our troop.

For many years Troop 262 has made an annual visit to Aransas Pass Wildlife Refuge. As part of our fees for staying on the refuge we preform service projects on Saturday mornings to help the refuge. Several of the current trails that are out at APWR are a result of the boys and leaders of Troop 262 and their annual visit.

Troop 262 has lead the Come And Take It parade, and perfomed hundreds of flag raising and retirement ceremonies in Gonzales County. We've taken it upon ourselves to teach others about flag ettiquete and making sure that when a flag is no longer usable that we properly retire them. Since 2005 we have retired over 1000 US flags for citizens and businesses.

We have had our fair share of Eagle Scouts over the years too. If you know of an Eagle Scout that has come from our troop, please have them contact us so that we can start our listing of Eagles from our Troop. The most recent group of Eagle Scouts includes Brent Baker, Roziel Romero, Chris Shelton, and Zack Mraz.

We are also looking for pictures of Troop 262 from our past. If you have a picture please contact us at We will make the copies and return your originals to you.

Troop 262 Eagle Honor Roll

Eagle DateName
08/21/61Von Werssowetz, Richard
08/02/62Von Werssowetz, Douglas
01/09/63Brisbin, Gary
06/20/69Mickelson, Kent
10/13/73Floyd, John
10/13/73Halamicek, Roy
01/13/75Gindler, Jack
01/13/75Walshak, David
02/01/76Knesek, Christopher
01/22/79Alford, James
03/31/80Mikesh, Bryan
03/31/80Perfetto, Philip
03/31/80Thiele, David
05/13/82Knesek, Benjamin
04/24/85Knesek, Tim
05/22/85Mikesh, Carl
08/09/88Knesek, Kevin
04/23/91Thiele, Michael
03/31/97White, Brent
01/25/02Jones, John
01/13/05Kincaid, Jared
04/04/06Spring, Troy
02/07/09Shelton, Chris
04/07/09Mraz, Zachary
03/01/10Romero, Raziel
05/16/10Baker, Brent
04/02/12Nesser III, Dennis
11/29/12Catchings, Dillon
11/29/12Rainey, Seth J
04/03/13Hoghoughi, Ali
04/03/13Poteet, Brent
07/18/13Newton, Shayne
07/30/13Gonzales, David J. (DJ)
08/22/13Couch, Dalton
09/15/14Moers, Sadrack (Rocky)
07/20/15Cabbiness, Milton
10/20/15 Moreno, Maximiliano (Max)
04/03/16 Couch, Wyatt E.
04/11/16 Diaz de Leon, Jesus R.
04/11/16 Newton, Jay M.
03/25/17 Moers, Andrew